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Name : Dumbwaiter Elevator 
Model : JFDE 

JIEFENG Series Dumbwaiter with industrial computer (PLC) control, complete specifications, novel structure, constructed with advanced safety and reliability, smooth running, easy operation, the use of car and landing door Hairline stainless steel plate production, luxury and beauty widely used in hotels , restaurants and other units.

Superior performance

JIEFENG Series Dumbwaiter standard configuration

PLC control systems use computer control;
Guide the use of cold-drawn T-rail;
Aluminum slide door slide is dedicated;
Car, landing doors, door pockets, summon all the selection panel hairline stainless steel;
Layer security using interlocking door contact switch;
Layers of doors with locking device, has a dual security protection;
With the floor outside the elevator call instructions, door status indication, and layer selection prompt arrival instructions;

Power Lock Function

Call the base station is equipped with electric locks ladder box, used to start and shut down the elevator control circuit

Electrical door interlock function

Layers are electrical door interlock door switch, when the doors opened at any level, the elevator stopped.

Floor door mechanical lock function

Have mechanical locks on each door, when the car stops outside the station layer, the layer can not open the door, such as special circumstances, can be used with the ladder factory equipped with a special key to open the level door.

Beeper function

With the arrival Beeper function.


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